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Welcome to FrozenT Team made of players, programmers and more...
We build ourselves with each other
FrozenT is a team created in Poland by 3 friends: SMK, Holo and Onionek. After one year our team changed to organization, which have amatour team in CS:GO and League Of Legends, TeamSpeak Server and website, where we develop various projects, like CS:GO Map Guides, steam avatar generator or overwatch signature generator.

Meet Us!
Belgium, 17
Poland, 16
Poland, 16
Poland, 16
Poland, 19
Poland, 13
Poland, 16

We provide high quality content
It's a hard road to make something good and we really know it. But as far as we improve ourselves we can make it as a team, not as a single instance.

1. Can I join your team?
Of course you can! Simply send us message via mail or contact us on TeamSpeak/Steam
2. Someone from FrozenT is rude to people!
Contact us with evidance of offensive acitivity from our team, we will try to fix this problem ASAP
3. Is your team only related to playing games?
No. We also making games, webdeveloping and create arts sometimes.
4. Can I see any content made by FrozenT?
Sure! You can check that by clicking "projects" tab on navigation bar!
5. When FTsocial will work fine?
We don't have ETA yet, as we don't really know how long it would take to make all the features that we have in plan to add + bug fixing can take a while too
6. Where can I check programmer portfolio?
Holo's portfolio: click here